Because so much has changed in my life

over the past month, I am still in the regrouping process.  The good news is I now have food stamps and medical insurance for my family to go along with my unemployment, but that does not go too far when you live in an RV and are feeding three people for $264 each month. Well at least for this month, next month is a different story.  My husband and I are having a cooking competition.  We are buying a big bag of potatoes and a big bag of rice, ( 50 pounds each) and each taking $100 to feed the family for 15 days.  I will report back on how that goes.  🙂

The chickens are all gone and so are the cats and turtles.  All we have left are the two dogs, which when you live on the streets you really need for protection.  Eventually I am sure we will get a gun somewhere but right now this will not be the case.

We must go every other day to get water for drinking and water for cooking and dishes since we have not found a place to fill our water tank.  We use the gallon jugs and the coin operated machines in front of the grocery store.  For bathing we go to the gym to work out and shower.

This has become and adventure.  We are moving to our empty 20 acres in June, just as soon as school lets out.  Until then we are living in our 25 year old Fleetwood Bounder.  We recently purchased it at an auction using our tax refund.  We will be losing our cars by the end of January and will most likely switch to bicycles, unless I can find something at the auction.

I was so depressed for a while, however I am feeling better and know that my family can make this work.  Will post soon, in the meantime, watch out for zombies..they are closer than you know!


Got Curve Balls?

Sometimes live throws curve balls your way.  With the loss of our business and our home our plans have completely changed.  We bought a 25 year old RV at an auction currently live in it.  With such low overhead  we are focused on saving as much money as possible and moving to our land in six months.  We figure we can live in the RV as long as possible until we are able to build a house.  Twenty acres gives us enough room for a large garden, beef, pork, chickens and sheep.   We plan to build as grid free as possible.   I look forward to blogging as we research and learn.

Day Twelve of NaBloPoMo

and I can not think of anything to write.  I have a lot on my mind.  Our family business is in the toilet and it seems that everything is just crashing down on us with bills and rent and utilities ready to be shut off.  I am stressed to the hilt.  We are losing our home too.  I can only put all of my trust in God.  Until tomorrow.  Watch out for Zombies

Health Care for Zombies or how to manage medical issues after a Zombie Apocalypse


Currently my family has no health insurance.  When we get sick , it is soup, crackers and ginger ale.  If we get cut, we apply pressure.  We each have a bit of medicine left from when we did have insurance but it is dwindling rapidly.

My husband and I are pretty overweight and I know I must lose about 75 pounds to control my diabetes and blood pressure.  I work daily on physical activity, but I do wonder what will happen in a Zombie Apocalypse.

I know we need a good first aid kit, not just a few bandaids and advil.  Currently I can look medical advice on the internet but without it a reference book would be a good idea. I also need to learn now rather than later how to  heal our health problems naturally in case medicine  or a doctor is not available.

I have come up with another list or what I will need for our health:

First aid kit

Reference book

Knowledge of how to reduce/cure naturally:

hypertension, hypothyroidism, adhd, diabetes, gout and a few more.

I know basic first aid, which helps, but losing the weight is the first thing I need to do and I can do it now.  I even started a new blog to help with it : Losing the Zombie Weight  Check it out and tell me what you think.

Look forward to seeing you tomorrow which will be day twelve of NaBloPoMo.  Until then Watch out for Zombies!


Day Nine, Short on Time

Today is the ninth consecutive day I have posted in this blog being that this is National Blog Posting Month or NaBloPoMo. And so far 15 peeps like my new facebook page Ready For Zombies Pretty proud of myself I must say.  My husband still does not know  I am doing this.

Today I am running a bit short on time and I want to talk about a place.  A place to take your family in case of a Zombie Apocalypse.  A place to be self sufficient, self reliant, a place to be prepared for anything.   I have a little plot of land in rural America, close to a hospital near a main highway.  My plan is to run there with my family if disaster hits.  Of course at this time there is no well, house, or electricity but the land is fertile farmland.  Will go into more details later as I build on it.

Take care and see you tomorrow, until then…Watch out for Zombies.

Protection from Zombies

I have a knife, a stun gun and Great Dane oh yeah and some pepper spray.  I know I ‘m gonna need more than that to survive any attack on my family.  My dog does and will bite and she is pretty fierce and because she is all black people usually take a step back when they see her.  Of course if someone shoots her then I am outta luck.  The stun gun and knife I dont really feel comfortable using.  I am thinking of getting a rifle for hunting or shooting wild animals and probably a handgun for  protection from the two legged type of creature.

I feel to be a responsible gun owner one must know how to use a gun and I wont buy one with out taking some type of gun safety class first. Probably taking a self defense class as well.  Dont really care to have firearm in the house but have to do what I have to do to protect my family.

How would you protect your family?   Think about it.  See you tomorrow which will be day nine of NaBloPoMo adn dont forget to check out my facebook page.

and dont forget to Watch out for Zombies